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30 November 2009

Isles of SouthEast Asia part I

Yay ! so sorry for the delay ! I went back to Indonesia yesterday.. something happened and I went back last minute ! I missed my class session, so I was being scheduled for another make up class huhuhu... anywae so ! I am going to share my 4 nights trip on Legend of the seas... After completing my 3 nights itinerary on 23rd Nov, I continued to sail again on the same day...I was assisting my colleagues, penny as she brought on board a group of 200+, the salsacruise asia group. There were all very fun. Their schedule were quite packed as they have a lot of workshops, which was a good news for me.. I felt much more relax haha.. They have dress code everyday. It was white on the first day, then purple, celebrity night and dare to devil on the last night. I believed they enjoy their trip very much. They dance till middle of the night. They really dance hard huahaua... btw I was being upgraded to 3rd deck wohooo... and I was alone ! I guessed I am trained to be alone already.. I am used to it now huahaua...

yuhuuu my room~ slightly bigger =)

complimentary room service !
time for shopping aww !! they have awesome guess accessories on board !!

our table on that day..
onion tart


sweet and simple...

I was super tired that day, so I slept earlier =)

24 November 2009

Yuhuu~ good hair day...

My breakfast ! scramble egg, sausage, bacon, potato and apple juice hoho~

Headed to jewelery making class @ schooner bar

went to anchor aweigh lounge
salsa workshop...

Drink of the day *Blue ocean

Finally arrive at port klang..again ! hoho... =)
luckily this time round the ship was actually docked at star cruise terminal least I don't feel like *aiyah port klang again haha.. assumed that I was on the different place =P

yeah another bak kut teh restaurant

no no no !! it's different !! dry bak kut teh !! have you ever heard about it? huahaua... Luckily I get to taste dry style of bak kut teh hoho thanks to boss let, mami penny and her husband, ks who brought me there =)

buko shake
SUPER NICE ! huahuaa...
and it was huge! the glass was like almost 30cm tall lol

Buko is a phillippines young coconut which the taste is similar to thai coconut =)

source : wikipedia

otw back to the ship

shrimp cocktail

duck rice !


absolutely fab !

@ that's theater

party time !
70's party

aw...a beautiful swan is waiting for me hohoho...

that's it for today stay tune for part II =)

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