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02 November 2009

Irene's Typical SUNDAY

yawww... ACTUALLY~~ what I used to do every SUNDAY was as the following....

1. Mum will knock my door "Wake up ling~ Time to go to church"

....... No reaction

2. Dad come and knock my door "Ling Ling....wake up...going to be late for church...."

....No reaction.....

3. Mum come again..... "YOU WANT TO WAKE UP OR NOT? If you still want to sleep I'll leave without you" lol

4. Finally, some reaction from me "Yah mum....I am awake alrdy" ( in fact, I go back to my sleep)

5. Mum yelled "WAKE UPPP !!!!"

6. Finally I 100% wake up....

7. Took a bath and make up again mum will yell "Faster...we're going to be late"

8. "Yayaya I'll try my best to hurry up my make up"

9. I used to go the church every Sunday but Since I am in Singapore, I only go to church once in a year lol...I am tired (yes excuse!)

10. So today I went to the church, I did sing I did listen I did pay attention to it...BUT yes nothing moved me yet.. dad and mum wish me and my sibling to be officially become christian, but I dun think I am ready, I know nothing yet, eventhough I did go to the church since I was baby I guess...My dad and mum are royal fans of Jesus... Maybe, sooner or later, I'll join them (with my whole heart of course), hopefully soon...

11. I took some pictures...hope you enjoy it...

mum's sacramental wine and bread

12. After from church I will go to Grandma's house (No pic) hehe...Went to visit grandma and aunts..hehe always have something nice to eat btw..haha... Just now, I was looking for the black hair pin for my hair, my aunt said "you want hair pin? ah-ma hair have a lot" and suprisingly ah ma just plug out one hair pin from her hair haha.. I never know ah-ma used hair pin on her hair lol...

13 Then after from grandma's house, we (dad mum bro sis and I) will definitely go for lunch and usually, we'll go to aunt's restaurant (La Cruise) hoho....we had theseeee.......

Toast bread with cheese

Fried banana with cheese
Lychee blue

Our drinks~Restaurant's setting

Chicken Teriyaki
Chicken fettucini

Pineapple fried rice

we were hungry hahahaaha~~


La Cruise
Komp. Nagoya Hill Pintu Selatan, Batam

14. Then we'll go home and take merzy out for walks but for today, as my ferry was at 05.20 indo's time (06.20 sing's time), I can't join them, But very blissfully, merzy, bro sis mum and dad accompanied me to the terminal hoho...can't bear to leave them but I have to....(Usually, I will go for harbour bay terminal, the one which is nearer to the city (but unfortunately fully booked) so I went to Batam Center terminal ) will definetely miss you guys =)

Before leaving~

Sky view from house

From parent's room

haha love the flash =)

mums messy room

15. Ahrr.....It was like 1-2 years ago, I never depart from batam center terminal, penguin ferry.. and yeah my experienced was terrible just now, the sits was somehow disgusting and suddenly there was a security check where I need to open up my luggage (OMG! it was full of instant noodle which I was ashamed to open it haha...) the security officer said "wah so many food.." ckck....

merzy~ sending me off to the terminal ckckck~

bye indonesia


a lil bit of Spore landscape

see the security officer?
here he's checking up other people lugage

16. Finally arrive Singapore and's picked me up and ahrrrr !!! my handphone was out of battery (again !!) huh...we went to Sakae Sushi to have our dinner and again thanks to bf whose hp camera was purposely spoiled..I didn't take any the pictures...phew...

17. Time now is 3.10 am going to sleep now and ready for blues Monday =)

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