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13 November 2009


It was heavy rain during lunch time, had lunch w/ marketing team, each of them brought an umbrella and it wasn't use up at the end as we went from under pass to OUB center 2 and go to Suntec City BY TAXI haha..aniwae, we had an umbrella boy, reuben, he carried total 7 umbrella haha...So to the point is that, we had lunch at ASTON ! wohohoho...

heavy rain~ It was the Singapore river I guess

while waiting for the taxi we book~
I was forced to take this pic haha

We went back to hitachi tower and reu suggested fruit juice !! so we went to arcade to buy hehe..

again aloe vera + orange

then, at about 08.30? we, mag reu and joe went down to the MRT and waited for the other colleagues to finish their job, while waiting, we bought this soya bean ice cream nyam ! ckck...

at the end, we took taxi to HARD ROCK CAFE wohoo~ these are some pictures to share =)


love the door


the nachos ROCK !!

from my view

from reu view
Friday night rock ! we just wonder it was a ladies night of HARD ROCK CAFE ladies get martini for free wohoo~

mine and mags - rib and beef

yummy!! the portion was really huge lol!

joe's burger was pasta! haha

group pics

w/ mag


CVP team

woho~ actually only 25 yrs old lady can get this

but yeah~ we bluff them haha =P

our martini~ =)

we were high! haha even it was only couple glasses of martini lol

w/ CVP team

~The end~

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