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18 November 2009

CLEO rock !!

Yuhu...finally back to the office , prefer working outdoor actually, time flies faster when I am moving than staring at the PC everyday ckck...aniwae aniwae, so...had lunch wif QL and had this mayo crispy chicken cutlet.. The cutlet was nice, BUT the mayo taste wrong, too sweet and sour lol. I bought it at Indo's stall that I used to go, they make over their stall =)

Then, we went to arcade for our healthy fruit juice, QL had soya bean btw, for me, again, orange + aloe vera hehehe...

Sun Flower @ Raffles Place,
I heard it was $5 donation for a stalk of sun flower =)

After that, busy with my work till 06.30pm sharppppp. Then I shut down my pc and wait for QL and mag to GO HOME !! And unfortunately mag still have something to do, so QL and me left 1st... =P While waiting, I read my CLEO and spotted some interesting and new stuffs !! will go an buy !! omg crazy shopping mode : ON !! ckck...

worth it ! so many magazines just $4.40 !!! hohoo~

purple + lace = romantic

This is cute and affordable gonna get one !

Their new product ! cute but, I dunt like it =)

This is NICE ! and collectable ! gonna see the size of the box 1st =)

Love the packaging !

This is interesting

Mum loves red colour bag !

50% off for 2nd box

Gonna try this !

Love the black lenovo =)

ups HK !

I want this for my Xmas present !!

Another interesting event!

Love the ring !! only $19 fr topshop !!

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