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04 November 2009

Call Call Call

time now is 2.21 am !! I just finished took my bath, coz I fell asleep just now..Zzz...

again...same thing, woke up and worked !!

hoho what's different is that, today, I need to call to all the guest and update their address. Its kinda fun, some of the guest were fierce, some of them were kind and some of them even asked "call me? have free cruise ahrr?" hehe...this task is better than data cleaning, more favourable, as I can get to hear different kinds of cust reaction and learn the way they reply me. Most of the guests are professional and must be rich haha that's why I wanted to learn the way they talk. learn how to be a rich person haha..

For Lunch, we (reu, phyll, hsian, joel ) went to have lunch at market street. I had ayam penyet nyam !! hehe...

For dinner, I skipped, no money as I am broke and yeah it helps to loss some weights hahaha...

(Note: Reu asked me to state on my blog that, he helped me to do my data cleaning after I went home ystd lol) haha thanks anyway~

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