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11 November 2009

Busy at night ! haha~

had lunch w/ reu and joe at market street..nyam.. I had nasi padang again..was nicer than last time hehe..had aloe+orange juice.. Super nice ! Hoho.. Stress! I was worrying abt my mini project now..I have NO IDEA and I think I'll work together with reuben.. Will do a below line marketing proposal.. Hope it works..

And do you think that I'll be very relaxing before I sleep? (reu, I know what you think!) haha.. Actually I have a lot of things to do before I sleep =) such as

1. Wash face w/ warm water
2. Mask it with my fav thebodyshop
3. Rest in front of ac
4. Rinse w/ cool water
5. Apply face cream, garnier eye roll on
6. Drink plum essence
7. Prepare what to wear tommorow

Lastly. Kiss my cici and sleep =)

Oh btw ! For those who want to go to the hello kitty lab ! Good news! I found this offer fr GV web ! 20% disc not bad man abt $7 off hehe..

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