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27 November 2009

Best of Malaysia

Finally I AM HOME !! Tired ! ckck...Today I am going to share my BEST OF MALAYSIA 3 night itineraries trip....! So I was with a big incentives group of 500++ pax. I met a lot of new friends, all of the tour leaders were from Vayatour, Indonesia. and they were all VERY FUN ! and also Mr. Halim, international representative from Indonesia. Surprisingly, he's also a very fun guy as at first I though he's a very serious person hehe..

I woke up early, of course I have to ! hoho..So we, Phyllis and I checked in at about 11.30 am then we went to viking crown lounge to wait for the group to arrive. And yes, Indonesian! not to be surprised that none of the group arrive when it was nearly 1 I walked around and familiarized myself with the ship as I need to bring group by group for a ship tour =) I can't believe I conducted a ship tour , a tour guide man ! hohohaha for the first time in my life..I learnt a lot from the experience though..

so let's start, get some popcorn and snacks as I have hundreds of pictures to share =)

On the first day, 20 November 2009



Holcim vaganza

1st stop Windjammer

My lunch

Love the fruit salad !

Dessert !

Compulsory muster drill

Holcim group having lunch~

Finally dinner ! lobster bisque

escargot %^$%$# (forget)

Yuhuuu Our room~

I requested for additional 2 pillows haha I love to sleep with many pillow =)

Finally Lying down and relax~

21 November 2009

My Breakfast

Free diamond ring lucky draw !!

Holcim group having fun~ some games going on~

Vayatour's crew !

Tennis match ! winner get free flight ticket (jkt-sin-jkt)

~ enjoying the breeze~

How I hope I can enjoy this kind of view everyday !

Rock climbing wall
I will go there with my partner next time !

Library ! I went there for a VISIT only, of course haha =) Library is either a place for me to visit or sleep Zzz...

Spacious library~ comfortable enough

Card room ! a good place to hang out with friends!

Art auction

GH's rose ! so nice ! She went to the napkin folding class if I am not wrong~ I missed the class lol

Lunch time !

Chicken teriyaki

apple parcels yummy !

wohoo~~ Holcim group which was going to disembark~

Penang !

Gurney Plaza, Just realized that I have ever visited there some years ago~ !

I love this shop !

So sweet ! lipstick pen !

Aww ! so cute keychain !! huahua!!

Hoho rings and hairpin ! 3 for Rm 10 only !! ahrr !!
Some coffee sweets
I bought this Giant fish snack !!

A food paradise beside gurney plaza !

plum drink !!
satay !
char kway teow !

Back to Swetterham pier

Sushi on board !

Mee goreng~

Wonton soup

forget what's this LOL

Cocktail party !

Winner of the fashion show

Holcim group having fun!

pool side

A piano show ! (for video refer to my fb)

On board SALE SALE SALE !!

Viking crown lounge ! As you can see~ my pink colour drink is different with other ! coz it was non-alcoholic !! haha I am under 21 LOL !! and pak halim said I can only order that hahahaha it was nice aniway !

22 November 2009
Yeah !! arrive port klang !

a friendly driver drove us to this klang town and this so called the BEST bak kut teh restaurant ! =)

for my intern colleagues : see that? restoran haha !!

Interior of the restaurant I dunno why the picture is blur but this shop was ROCK ! it has wi-fi !! where I realized slutty reuben posted my unglam pic on fb shit !

Dragon fruit juice !

bak kut teh

otah otah

Sunway pyramid !

Super nice guy ! haha

Ice skating !
Xmas decoration !

so cute guinea pig !
Lovely shop !

otw back to the ship !
pork and shrimp salad

Aww ! gh's room cute rabbit? or pig? haha..

Phyllis and I

Rock and roll party (refer to my fb for video)
Our room's suprise little doggy ! It reminds me of Gucci !! ahr I missed him so much at that time !

Finally It end my "The Best of Malaysia" trip !
Hope you guys enjoy it !
Coming soon~
4 night itinerary (Sin-KL-Thai) !!

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