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05 November 2009

Baby's Birthday

yawww~~~ ystd, I went to office as usual, went to have lunch w/ ahQiao ckck I had nasi padang yuhuu~

and I supposed to go to Vivo City at 5 pm BUT yeah..again, a lot of work has to be done, so it ended up I went to vivo at abt 07pm for the roadshow and worked till 10 pm, for dinner I bought this Carls Jr burger...

Angus beef~ Hangus memang~ ckck..

it's giantic and yummy~~~

Today, I was scheduled to work at the road show from 10 am

see? how lovely this couple were, they work TOGETHER to insert flyer into the brochures worr ckckckck

then had my lunch w/ Allison at Toast Box, I had laksa and this otah toast, not really nice ckck..

And for dinner, I take away Nasi padang Garuda at Vivo city and had it wif bf =)

Tonight is his birthday !!! time now is 11.51 pm ckck going to take out the cake in 9mins time ckck... since I still have some times.... I will share this BAD EXPERIENCE I ordered the cake at SwissBake at HarbourFront and it was completely different from the one I booked,

source :

they said "It is because it's a birthday cake that's why we decorated it with fruit" omg !! lousy excuse huh ! why so kepo add so much rubbish to the cake *I am really angry now, I choosed that cake because I love the design...but look what they do? really angry huh huh huh !! SUPER EXTREMELY MAX REALLY VERY VERY ANGRY !!!! huh...
hallow!? we are not celebrating christmas !!! will feedback to them, no should be complaint !!! huh ~~~

time now is 11.55pm and another thing to share is that, I was off from the roadshow at 07pm today, so I walked around harbour front to see what to buy for him and I really have no idea, I was looking at shoes, or bag or watch or parfume or etc....yes I am BROKE !! so my budget is really limited, and at the end, I bought this blouse and pants at crocodile LET'S PRAY TOGETHER~~ hope he likes it hahaha...coz I am not very sure he'll wear that. Anyway if he dun like it, I might buy others things again...

time now is 11.58pm yeah, I need to prepare and take out the cake btw, my feeling now is AWKWARD haha dunno how to tell him... "Dear this is your cake?" or "oi !! cake.." hahahaha....ok I need to take the cake out now... >_<* How come I am so excited haha...

So...time now is 12.47am !!! yeah...haha so I have showed him the cake and he has blown the candle he's 20 now ~ haha the way I presented the cake was "baby, I bought a cake, it's on the fridge can you help me to get it? hahaha...." and I continued by saying "I bought a gift and I hide it at the laundry can you help me to get it?" hahahaa...self-service plz.. and he answered "hey, it's my birthday, go and get it..." while hewas busy with his wii lol =P

btw..the cake was dissapointing !! it was so hard sighh !!! and the gift, I dun't think he likes it..going to buy another tmrw hauhaua.... *I am a lousy gf haha... really loh... dun't know what he likes huhu~ anywae, I cried when we hugs after he blown the candle just now, HEY GIRL !! this is his birthday, what am I crying for? haha he said "don't cry, you cried on ur birthday and cry on my birthday too, what happen to you?" haha I also don't know, and till now I am still wondering, what am I crying for??? lol...

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