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19 November 2009

AWAY FOR 7N8D !! =)

WOHOOO!!! Finally weekend BUT too bad I need to WORK. Huhuhu~ ok lah I am going to work ON BOARD hohoho.. I’ll be assisting Indonesian and Malaysian group on board for 7 nights! 8 days yeah! It sounds really FUN! But I still feel scared dunno why. So I’ll go on board start from tomorrow... Hope I can get to online on board but yeah EXPENSIVE lol 55cents (USD) / mins (as mentioned by my cruise vacation planner , QL) haha anything wrong find her lol! So these are my itinerary;

1. Singapore
2. Penang, Malaysia
3. Port klang, Malaysia
4. Singapore
5. Port klang, Malaysia
6. Phuket, Thailand
7. Cruising
8. Singapore

It’s a combination of 3 nights & 4 nights itineraries. That’s why in between, I’ll come back to Singapore again, but on that day, I’ve to sail again lol so hope it will be a FUN and safe trip! Hope to learn as much thing as I can =)

And now, at the moment, I AM VERY BUSY!! ironing my clothes and prepare all the thing I have to bring with me and Gucci keep playing inside my luggage lol how I wish I can bring him with me! Guccii !! muah! Haha.. And yes I hate the feeling of *leaving sigh! I am going to cry again hahaha… *slutty Irene! hahahaha…yes ok I admit I can’t bear to leave cici and bf =P 8 days ler.. It’s a long trip huhuhu~
aww I love my collection !!! body scrub, sun protection spray, hair cologne, parfume, facial spray haha =)

Ok ok back to what happen today? Went to the office,had lunch with mag at chevron house.

Seabass with mushroom sauce =)

Something happened ! I was very pissed off ! a lady who looks like single, unprofesional, crazy shouted and said "stop shaking the chair, I am doing bla bla bla" HARLOW!? the chair is fixed and unshakenable ! she's xiao issit? I told her to move she said she came first HARLOW!? this woman really XIAO ! before she sit, she asked me "Can I sit here?" F F F F F !!! cannot tahan already ! I really want to throw money on her face ! and ask her to go away from me beggar !! huh !! really angry ! Sometime, I really don't like to sit with stranger ! or maybe I am the one who's not used to it. Some people are just so unreasonable huh !

luckily, mag was queeing for ice cream, so I can cool down a bit haha. next time if I see that sl*t I will go and continue scolding !! hahaha...ok ok forget it forget it !!

It was a busy day, as I have to rush for everything before I go, I was off from work at about 8 and again rush to ION to meet bf, he planned to buy a suits for his graduation hohoho...

He's XIAO really loh..graduation only mah..he spent $673 for his attire LOL !! and it's only the blazer, shoes and pants!! oh gosh ! I can buy 10 set loh!! huh... anywae there's some promotion going on spent $300 can redeem a shopping bag of ION and this is it.

Dinner at XinWang @ ION =)

going to use up this !
cherry float

Curry puff

otw home~~


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