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03 October 2009

yawn ! boring sat !!

Woke up at TV till around 4-5? forget...then bf cooked something for me..and yes I admitted that the pork is NICE ! hauhaua...He just fried it with onion, salt, pepper and it's simply nice ! hehe...

that was my lunch + dinner huh..I am seriously SAD loh...DIET seems to be FAIL ! haiz...I am FAT since I born ! I guess or maybe I am sure !? (maybe or sure?) that I'll be like this my whole life fiuhhhh~~~~ I think I'll just be like this for my birthday haha..will have another diet plan (rubbish!) *giggling for Christmas maybe haha...Just hope that it will be succeed then... =P

And bf did ever ask "what I want for my birthday?" and while I watched TV this afternoon, I flipped on CLEO magazine and THERE IS SOMETHING that caught my attention! It's really super nice loh...I even called to the shop and asked for the price and yes it's affordable I told him...I know what I want for my birthday ! He answered "I have bought the gift!" (-_-"") and he gave me hints like he's going to give me another puppy LOL..Gucci is enough !! I said I dun care ! haha...I asked him to find it from the magazine...fold the pages that he think there is a possibility ! He folded around 10 pages and YES he did fold on the page with the *something I want !! but ya..that's the only clue I gave...and I dun think he'll know...*disappointed huh..He dun understand me sigh sigh sigh...I rather DON'T WANT ANY GIFT than received the GIFT than I DON'T LIKE haha yes I am picky (give lung want heart) and thick skin ! But well I think it's a very bday, bf buy it's better to give hints on the things that I want than give me the things that I will never use (just like the necklace, watches,etc he gave me..what a waste..I never wear them) ckck...

Btw ANOTHER DISAPPOINTMENT ! huh promised to go for a movie but !! woke up at 3 !! liar !

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