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28 October 2009

What Happen to MRT?

What happen to MRT? when I was on my way home, as usual, went into purple line which stated to Punggol, Suddenly someone asked me (a tourist I guess) "Is this train going to the Harbour front?" I was shocked lol I though I was on the wrong train AGAIN !? fortunately no! lol.. The tourist was on the wrong train, I asked them to change to the opposite train..Then I noticed that, on the MRT, which supposed to go to Punggol was flashing the words "NE1 Harbour Front" -_-" what happen to the MRT seriously is quite a busy day, off from work at about nearly 08.00 which supposed to be 06.30 QL, Mag & Joe were part of the CVP team, which was always busyyy....(joe was off today btw..slut haha..) We hardly can go to have lunch together like before huhu and for time being, mostly I will go with reu, yes reu, a guy whose picture appear on my blog recently ckckck....

We went to chevron house He had subway and I had this Thai Sauce Chicken rice $5.50 only

After that, we planned to buy Ice cream from the uncle, but we couldn't find him and reu said "The uncle must be taking leave, off in lieu" hahaha...maybe maybe... ckck... so we tried to walk further to see if there's any other Ice cream uncle...reu said, there's another one, we walked there and guees what? it was a shoes repair stall lols...anywae before that, I had bought my Ice cream..ckck..I bought YAMI yougurt Ice cream, Guess what..!? it's only $2.90 for such big ice cream and mixed fruit on the bottom !! worth it ! definitely will buy again ckckck...

After that, went back for work, while working on my boring excel spreadsheet checking on the file, we (mag , reu and I) listened to the radio/ music and started to be XIAO haha...we sing, or should I said mumbling/ among ourselves haha I even invented a "Gucci's song" haha "Gucci....Gucii....GucCicii.......Guci Guci Gu cici~"... what a wu liao day.

Arrived home at about 08.20? Bf bought burger king huh !! Actually I dun like it haha but no choice, hungry...nyam!

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