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02 October 2009

Vivo road show !

Huaaaaaaaa............I did not blog ystd ! ckck..coz..nothing is new it was still the same...went to work at vivo roadshow...10 to 10 and not so much crowd hoho...
and today, 02 oct 2009 I MADE 5 SALES !! of them travel single, and 2 cabin for 2 family as well as 2 cabin for 8 and it were suites !! huahuaa so happy...thx reu and joe they helped me a lot ! hehe...finally I sold out quite a number of cabins yuhuuu...another achievement cckckk...

they are piak piak-ing

Ugly me hate my hair haha will go to modify soon..

And today some one promised me for a movie but !! there were no good seats only left first 3 rows for "Ugly Truth" movie we cancelled and he promised to go with me tomorrow let's see!

O.MG birthday is nearer A LOT OF GOOD DEALS !! haha as I have quite a number of memberships, I received some birthday greeting from them from mailbox and e-mail =) which consist of good deal of course...I think I am going to bankrupt this month ahrrr !!!! btw

I FAILED MY DIET !! haha..look at what I had recently OMG !! so yes I dun have strong commitment ! sigh sigh sighhh...

Salmon teriyaki

bbq beef !

Btw this is another free sample to be redeem !!
Essential shampoo =)

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