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08 October 2009

Travelling Alone to KL, Malaysia

It's 1.58 am now..I can't sleep lol...just finished packing all the necessary thing .... and as well as the unnecessary maybe..haha..OMG I can't imagine how would it be look like tomorrow...IRENE is travelling alone without family or companion to KL, Msia !!! really loh...for the first time..I am somehow blur person..Do you know what? I tap using my ATM card instead of EZlink to enter into the MRT station this afternoon..Just hope I'll not forget my flight ticket and not bringing the wrong things such as beauty voucher, coupon or whatever..ckck...

Just now, I was planning to only bring a small and easy bag...I want to travel I am heavy enough..So if I travel heavy it'll be overweight and I need to pay for it... Zzz...wakaka... Ok ok...So at the end...*CAN'T FIT LO~ haha I was forced to change another bag...Too much things to bring..for 4D3N ckck...or maybe it's only me ckck..So these are the things that I bring along....

OMG I'LL MISS GUCCI (and bf =P ) madly !! I can't sleep without gucciiii....!! see that? He's on lala land~ =)

And I am not sure if I can still update my blog when I am there..will try to update if it's possible wish me good luck friends =) good night

Rene Oct

Updated..I am now at Mc.D terminal 2 time now is 06.01 am =) I am ready for the trip =) Btw...I cried haha again? I can't bear to see Gucci was like "Mummy don't go.." haha...will miss cici as well as my chay... =) as well as all my colleagues and friends hihihi....start to shop now...thadadidada~

Updated...Time now is 6.43 am...Aw...Nothing catch my eyes..will see if there's anything to buy at KL..huahua Will go to gate F52 for boarding...but I think it should be to early? coz My flight is at 8.30 is stated that boarding time is at 07.55 am ckck...forgive me to be so rush...coz this is my first time travelling aloneeeeeeee ckck...will see if there's anything I can do here...ckck....*excited now...

Updated time now is 07.40 am and yes..I am very bored !! haha will not come too early next time hauhuaa...still...wait wait wait....Luckily there are computers everywhere, which is why I keep updating my status wakaka....fiuh...really tired...didn't had enough sleep last night...will sleep on the flight later...haiz...nothing to do...facebooking then....

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