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07 October 2009

Thanks Colleagues

huahuaa today is a good day ! yay...I was preparing some documents to bring over to Msia tomorrow and yay not really much work...and this is a pass made by magdalyn haha..we're not allowed to leave desk together..haha so she came out with some passes...such as toilet pass, pantry pass etc..wakaka...creative hahahaa...

and for lunch, Me and Reu went to buy mixed veggie rice at the arcade and will not buy again !! haha so expensive...reuben rice cost $6 !! lol..mine is $4.5 which usually it's about $2-$3 for this kind of meal.

Anywae...after work, me and my colleagues (all interns) went to the so called "Glass House- Fish and co" at Dhoby Ghaut..We laughed a lot !!!! Thanks reu for all the *YELLOW well as JOE for the *Stroke part hhahahaaha...and at the end of the meal..There was a celebration for my birthday and I wasn't prepare loh...haha I though maybe the staffs will just stand around our table and sing..but unexpectedly one of the staff shout to everybody "Today we have a birthday girl in the house called Ireenneeeeeeeeee (thx to colleague who teached him how to spell out my name with long rennneeeeee)" LOL hahaha anywae...I was really happy, excited and shy haha..thanks REUBEN, JOE, QIAO LING and MAGDALYN !! hauhau love you all =)

Thanks QL for the gift love it ! purple and blink blink some more and as well as the HK note book =) thanksss.....

Will travel to KL, MSIA tomorrow AHHHRRRRR !!!
SCARYYYY but challenging T-T

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