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17 October 2009

Self- Pampering - Day

Yuhuhuu..... bf cooked pasta for me ^^v and not too bad.. I think he cooked better than me what a shame haha..

lol elephant portion

Random pics =)

In front of my house


So as today is Saturday !! I decided to stay at home !! haha pampering myself with mask, nail treatment, hair treatment What I did 1st was took a bath 1st...of course..haha...will share how to I take care my skins..

let's start from FACE & EYES

If I have pimples, I'll do this...

Source :

1. Wash hand make sure it's CLEAN (use Dettol if possible)

2. Wash your face using facial foam/gel that suits your skin and with WARM water to open the pores (I used facial wash from my doctor (Dr.DA) btw )

3. Prepare some cotton buds and a toner (I used TeaTree toner fr TheBodyshop $21.90)

4. Squeeze out the pimple using the acne extractor (Don't use hand ! please..! it will damage your pore) = (I know it's wrong to squeeze pimple as it will leave scar but I can't tahan) hoho..btw I dun squeeze my blackhead on the nose area as I'll use the nose strips.

5. When the pimple has came out, use a cotton buds + toner to clean it.

6. After done, use a new cotton bud + toner to clean the whole face..

7. Wash you face again using WARM water (to open nose pores)

8. Before dry it, apply the nose strips,

9. While waiting, you can massage your nose to make the blackhead come out and surf the Internet, watch TV or do whatever you like..after 10mins of waiting remove it from the side to the center.

10. Apply mask (this is a must for me as after squeezing out all the pimple, it will be very swollen and red..MUST MASK it to close the pores) (I used body shop TeaTree Mask $ 29.90 (Put it in the fridge to cool it!)) - I'll lie right under the air conditioner to make my face cool to the maxx =)

11. After about 10-15mins wash it with COOL water (Ice water preferably) to minimize the pores...

12. Dry your face and use the eyes mask (I bought it fr Guardian not more than $3 if I am not wrong, I put this in the fridge too)

12. After everything is done, use your whatever moisturizer that you usually use OR any acne treatment cream (I used a medicated cream from my doctor to dry my skin as it's very oily)

13. I used this eye roll from Garnier to apply it on my panda eyes ($19.90) I put this in the fridge as cool cool... =)

And for HAND

see my hand? hauhau super dry...I think it was because of my face cream which is super dry =)

So what I did was to apply Hand and Nail moisturizer fr TheBodyShop (forget the price) and use a glove bought fr watson ($5 something forget) until next day. The reason is to moisturize it and prevent Gucci from licking the moisturizer haha..

And for Hair,
I applied this leave in conditioner and bun up my hair till the next day =)

will share what to do tomorrow =)

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