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18 October 2009

Self - Pampering - Day II

I feel good tadadadadada~ =) today is a GOOD DAY !

Another view from my house

Love to see my Gucci again...
Love to be kissed by Gucci every morning =)
Love the way he sleep on my head and cover my eyes..LOL!
Love the way he sleep on my body sometime..
Love to see his funny pose of sleeping...
Love the way he act cute in front of me...
Love to see him following me on my back wherever I go..
Love him, when his fur is messy...
Mummy love Gucci =)

So I'll share what Product I use when I bath !
ckck...for more information,
I usually stayed in the bathroom for at least 30mins
nd max 3 hours ckck..
what did I do?

1. I'll wet my hair..and shampoo it (Essential)

2. Conditioned it for abt 10 mins? (Essential)
3. While waiting, I'll scrub my body
(Pomegranate -TheBodyShop $18.90)

4. After everything is done, I'll rinse my hair 1st....
then wash my body using this Whitemusk Shower gel love the smell ! (TheBodyShop $21.90)

5. Then I'll scrub my face (Cetaphil) <= Super rough use only once or twice a week and wash it w/ facial foam fr my dr. =)

6. Last step, Apply lotion =)
(Japanese Cherry Blossom from TheBodyShop again..hehe... $ 22.90)

Random pic, a cute razor bought from mustafa,
dunno what to do with it haha..force bf to use it for shave.. =P

So after everything is DONE, I'll wear pyjamas to do next things....

1. Spray my hair with this Asience Essence water leave-on mist formula that softens frizziness, flyaways as well as making hair more manageable and Blow~

2. While waiting my hair to be completely dry, I'll start to do my make up,

For face,
1. Before I start, I'll shave excessive eyebrow with this shaver (plz be careful when use this) and don't forget to shave away all those tiny tiny and unglam brow okay ?

2. I'll apply sun block this case, I used Biore face milk SPF 50+ PA+++ (not more than $20 forgot)

3. Then I'll start with my foundation, this is my favorite REVLON colourstay ($28) ! It will last long as well as very natural.. and less oily... and the coverage is SUPERB ckck...

4. Apply concealer on my lower eyes to cover dark circle... ($28.90)

5. Touch up with TheBodyShop face powder ($34.90)

Base done!

For Eyes, I'll shape my eyebrow first then, eye shadow, eye liner and then mascara

Last step will be blusher =)

After everything is done, I dun like to use lipstick !! but show off my anna sui lipstick- glossie.. I'll use it the colour ! orangee gold =)

And overall, this is the ghossieee me =P



and last lastly, Me and Gucci baby =) in my HK pyjamas shyy~ ckck~~

Btw, City square newsletter !! aw a lot of voucher and promotion ckckck...

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