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20 October 2009

good news =)

phewww...nothing special...had lunch w/ colleagues total 11 persons..I had spicy kolo mee..not bad.. $3.50 0nly...having teh peng lol (different with indo's teh obeng ckck) the tea was mixed with milk and's quite weird for me =) was quite a busy day...just finish another 400 membership enrollment..1000++ in total..another 9000 more is waiting for! and thanks reu for the enlightening ice cream hihihi....

thx for the bubble gum too.. thx Joe !!

and for dinner, bf bought chicken rice lol

aniwae..a good news to share.. "I WILL BE TRAVELLING AGAIN" haha.. this time I'll travel on board the shippp !! and it's one week trip (I guessed when I am back after the trip, I can't stand straight haha coz I've used to the waves lol) ?? forget it... yes my colleagues hates me !! haha yes man.. sorry... I dunno why I am so lucky lol.. but it wasn't really a good news really !! I need to wake up early (I believe) as well as no life !! as I'll be alone and will need to work work work and work.. for long hour I guessed... so don't envy me..I am not there for fun =) and most importantly... I am alone T-T huhu.. again !?


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