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23 October 2009


yeahh...let's start from yesterday....

Surprisingly I woke up very early hoho...and arrived work at about 09.10...ckck 20 mins earlier..and the earliest ckck...quite unusual for me..I've to open the light etc etc..ckck...

and FINALLY !! I have time to buy breakfast ckck..I always want to buy Mr.Bean when I passed by BUT by the time I reached there, it was always almost late LOL so well.. I managed to join the queue and bought a cup of soya bean and a tuna pan cake =) nyam...!!

and for lunch again market street, went to have nasi goreng ikan bilis with reu and joe...

and after lunch, reu want to buy bubble tea, so we went to OUB center and I saw TheBodyShop and went into it while they went to buy.. I bought 6 bottles of shower gel cost only $5/ bottle ckck what a good deal... =P

I was OT will all my colleagues (intern) as there were some works that have to be done by this Friday. We ordered Mcd !! hauhaua...even though we were very tired alrdy...we still hv energy to laugh laugh laugh...yes...and as my pronouncation is BAD and they always laughed at me when I said "copy paste" haha whatever..and another thing is that, they always laughed when I said " fnl, tamade, slut, khao pe etc" haha... they taught me all these btw =p

aniway aniwae...

For today, not too early, had hot milo and biscuit,

had lunch with reu and mag, the couple ckck...

We had yoshinoyaaa... =)

And again, OT we had MOS burger, which QL bought for us hohoho....

I think that's it...simple...I am exhausted hauhaua...need to OT again tmrw... yawn! nites ^^

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