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30 October 2009

One day off for Irene is a NIGHTMARE !!

yeah...I am off for work today... yuhuu~ no ! I should say my supervisor *required me for this leave haha...coz I've too much OT and my internship will end soon... ckck~ So my supervisor said "you must take a leave this Friday" I decided to go back to Indonesia...

Woke up at abt 10 am this morning...Do you think I can relax? Do you know what is the last word bf told me before he off to work? "wash all the dishes before you go" TAMADE ! hate him ! haha... anywae.. actually this is the return as he mopped, sweep ed, washed clothes for me yesterday ckck...ok lo. fair enough.. so I washed accumulation of two weeks dishes~ huh~ that's a lot...thadaa~ done !!

Not done yet...still have clothes to iron !!! and bed to tidy up omg... I will never be relaxed when I am in Singapore !! haha hope to go back to my Palace as soon as possible...hohoho...

Little Gucci on my bed~ no..our bed~

Ps: Don't look at the things that you are not supposed to see..haha..

So after I tidy up the house, I went out to buy everything to bring back to Indonesia, before that, take some pictures with cici~



updated time now is 06.09 PM and I delayed my trip.. will go back tomorrow morning hauhaua...because...TOO MUCH THINGS TO BUY ~~ lol

I just came back from Plaza Singapore...and I spent A LOT !! I thought I was rich haha...I am money is LIMITED huh... Buy a lot of things without thinking !! OMG !!! and now it only left with less than 2k+ in my bank account that's the only amount for me to to survive till december lol >_<"' I bought some The Body Shop products as I have 20% birthday month discount to use~ and yes the pretty sales lady know me well, she gave me a lot of samples !! haha...

Then Lioele is on sale !! ckck...even though sale~ I spent almost $200 huhuhu~

Then went to G2000 need more office wear~ and accidentally bought shirt for bro sis mum and dad Too haha~ I bought this for My self love it !! only 29+39 = $68
plz ignore the fat me, look at my blouse and skirt ckck~ nice rite?

Then I was entitled to their membership! yuhuu~ as I spent about wait lemme see (29+39+39+36+36+13) = ahrr $192 lol actually spend 150 is enough to get the membership... =) and I have to register online~ When I fill in~ I need to fill up this age column and I have to choose 20-29 age group omg~ not used to it...

Pretzel for my lunch...actually planned to buy it for mum, mum love it~

Then..I NEED HEELS !! and guess what? I bought this pair of heels AGAIN !! haha...the sales lady said, "This is the last pair, no need to come to buy the 4th pair liao.." haha...I really love this !! I try to go to other shop to buy other kinds of heels but Nothing caught my eyes ckck....

And yeah...I delayed my trip, sorry mum...will definitely go back tomorrow morning...promise ckckck~

And now, 07.04 pm waiting for bf for dinner~ yeahhh~~~~

my profit and lost statement book haha~

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