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05 October 2009

Mum's coming !

Yay...woke up by mum's call at around 11.30 am that says "Hey AL, mummy is coming at 12.30 woke up !" hauhuaa..quickly I took a bath and rushed to HarbourFront =) mum brought me some money as well as school fee ^^ $$

thanks mum and dad who work hard for their beloved daughter!

ckckck and we went to Plaza Singapura for breakfast at XinWang and I received a birthday gift !! haha a useful bowl (for instant noodle) and a mango pudding...ckck..

Felt so blissful on the birthday month...Then we continued to shop~ mum bought a dress cost $299 !! LOL and it's made from Italy ! aw..she think it's worth so comment ckck.. and I took photo while mummy was on the fitting room =)

then we went back to VivoCity..We went into some shops! and yay..I found a dress for myself at FOREVER21 !


yihii love it... then Mum and I had high tea Toast boxx HOHOHO...

Then my bf came to meet me at vivo and also for my mum to see..ckck yay.. theennnnn...we went to SHIN KUSHIYA to had dinner..fat fat fat I was forced to join his dinner !!! huhuhu....

Still not enough ! we went to ION orchard (otw to HF taxi stand I found this GORGEOUS ring at montip)

and I bought myself a blouse for work at G2000 ION hoho...

actually my plan there is to find THIS RING !!! but I'd searched 3 Guess store..
still can't find. They said the stock is still not available yet....huhuhu...

and yeaps it end my day !

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