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31 October 2009

Mini Holiday I

So now... at my dad's office.. deliver lunch box for dad hihi... huahuaa~ thx to mum for the welcoming lunch but~ why only meat? where's the veggie... and as what I expected, mum said "Aiyoo....why you're so fat now? stop eating !!" ckckckck...going to shop, manicure and facial later yuhuuu~

dad's office

Updated time now is 11.15 indo time.

I went to Dr. Da for my face flour butter and etc hoho~

BCS as dad wants to buy phone and We had this yogen crepes there, I had beef burger with cheese flavour.. not so nice, prefer smoked chicken and teriyaki chicken..ckck and we bought this jambu as well as the sugar cane, love love lovee~

Top 100 for instant noodle~

And these are my finds~ ahrrr~ spent more than $100 ckck...

satisfy...if I bought all these from Singapore, confirm more than hundreds

as well as Lucky plaza, planned to buy Iphone 3GS but unfortunately out of stocks huhu~

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