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17 October 2009

Metro membership !

15 October

Again…I skip my blog these day..hauhaua…I was lazy and tired ! anywae what happen on 15 oct? Hoho..went to market place to have my lunch again. Joe and I went to have Boneless Chicken Rice at this food stall that looks like they were famous, as they have pictures w/ president, artist and etc. and the rice was REALLY NICE! Hauhuaa actually everything in market street is not bad...

And this is a gift from Joe's customer (a very kind auntie).. it was so kind of her, who brought 4 boxes of beancurd tart and 3? if I am not wrong pineapple tart and as well as some gifts for joe and evon hauhau thanks to JOE, who shared !! it was yummy...thanks to the auntie too ckck...

And this mango snacks brought from philippines from boss for interns ckck...

anywae…I was quite slack during work hour until last minute when I was going to end my day…my colleagues asked me to amend and print something. So I went off from work late. The worse was, My phone was out of battery and Bf phone was out of money LOL!! I tried to call bf by using public phone but can’t! He can only receive sms and I can only call as my phone was dead. So it was hard for me to get connected with him.…

1. The only number I remembered was his number! I was thinking to call someone else to help me to sms him. I thought about calling my mum but I can’t call Indonesia number.

2. So I went to TheBodyShop, as what I planned...I bought this tea tree cleansing wipes, as have a voucher of $10 that has to be redeemed within this month. I only paid $ 0.90 for it!! ckck..not even a dollar for this hehe…And I asked a favour from the shop assistant to sms to him and fortunately she agreed to help. Thanks!

3. Even though he should receive the sms of “Hey fin, this is Irene will meet you at Dhoby ghaut GV cinema!” I was still scared. What was on my mind were

- This stupid fella! Hope he wasn’t sleeping.
- What if he bought ticket at ILUMA (he loved to watch movie there) and wait for me there? It was useless to ask him to come here
- How long should I waited for him, 30mins, 45mins? Huh! Really dunno..
- What If I decided to leave and he’s on his way
- Should I approached someone else and ask him/her to help me to sms him again?

A lot of things on my mind and FORTUNATELY he appeared after abt 20mins of waiting! OMG! Felt so much relaxed!! Hohoho..So I asked him where has he been. He said he just came out from home fiuhh~~!! I was starving, we went to XinWang to have dinner first !! Ahrr!! My phone was out of battery, I can’t take picture and thanks to him! who don’t want to borrow me his phone huh! he said that day was a NO PHOTO day lol !!!

We actually planned to watch movie at GV as I have this voucher...

But He said he prefer to watch it at cathay we walk to Cathay cineleisure to watch SURROGATES (I want to watch meatball huhu) and I think that the movie was simmilar as gamers...surrogates was about controlling robot (who look exactly like a human), Gamers was abt controlling who love gamer should love surrogates too..

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16 October

Nothing Special Happened, Me and QL went to buy lunch..on the way there..I saw a lot of people was queuing for something I was very curios..haha is that a free gift? ckck..we didn't have much directly go and buy lunch...QL said she received an SMS..and they might be queuing for that..hohoho...

So..for lunch I had Salmon teriyaki, QL had fish noodle?, Joe and Reu, they had wonton noodle..I love my salmon teriyaki...only $5.50 with salad and miso hohoo....

Btw, these flower are made by Mag and Joe..hwuahau good job !! =) lets make more haha...

Then after working for a while, Joe called "Hey you guys want ice cream?" reuben announced "Ice cream !! who wants?" hauhau start to take order.."mixed ice cream, peanut, etc etc.." and..........after everyone finished ordered Joe said "I forget to take my wallet" LOL !!! hauhaua.... so I went down with some money and didn't bring my phone haha..I can't find him on the ice cream stall, so I decided to go back..uips..he's in front of our building lol..then we walked there again to buy ice cream..and from far, we saw that the ice cream uncle was preparing to go...and alrdy wore his helmet haha..we chased him and said "uncle...SIX ice cream" the uncle said "oh...six ahr? (went down from his motorcycle)" haha.. and yes we did bought the ice cream...hoho...$1 ice cream =)

O.M.G an $1 ice cream have so long story lol..

For dinner, I was planning to have it with bf..but when I called him, he said "I just finished playing football, very dirty, I'll take away the dinner for you" Huh I AM ANGRY !! it was his excused to have dinner with his friend ! huh ! if he can go to have dinner with his friend, then why not with me? YES I AM SENSITIVE AND EGO ! I know..but this is me huh !! I want him to be with me..always..but yes I can't be like this..he'll feel sick of it ! but I still think he's wrong ! why can't he just be honest with me "I can't have dinner with you, as I am with my friend, I promised to have dinner with them after this..." this is so much better than his reply which was obviously an EXCUSE! huh... to release my anger..I went to shop haha yes this is my excuse ! and habits =P Went to city square to buy some rubbish ckck...

when I called him, he was at the same mall with me !! *double anger I ignored him..and reply "after dinner find me ! I forget to bring my key"

bought this tart btw..

Huh...And so we meet and he bought me this gorgeous bedsheet set ckck..ok forgive him haha and I got another membership yuhuu... !! spent $100 to get it ! =)

for dinner he take away swensens pasta pasta for me and fish& chips for himself =)

So going to take a bath now..want to go and shop again later ^^

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