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30 October 2009

Love Swensens~

awww...................... T.I.R.E.D !!! home was a mess just now...and yeah..I should be the one who tidy it, but at the end, my bf tidy it for me haha because he was so angry to me and said "I will tidy it myself !!!" ckck...I was off from work late again...recently I felt reallyyyyy tired !! maybe it's because our "Intern room" wasn't fun anymore. Huahuaa...I almost fall asleep in front of PC.. really bored !! huh... Lunch was only me and Reu, we went to have bak chor mee, had this "Atap Seed" flavour Ice cream from uncle huhuaa..I just know, there's this atap seed flavour, it taste like chendol ckck..anyway...

for dinner, I meet my bf at City Square and had swensens !! nyam !! I love the beef bake rice hoho...He had Rib eye steak...for side (which was consider as main) =P we had baked mussel and prawn~

Then we went to fairprice, mum asked me to buy something and that's it~ I am going home TOMORROW!!! yUHUUUuuuuUuu~~~~ Time to relax for couples of days =) lalalalalala~~

a Can Recycle thrown in all the unuse can and receive green point to redeem something..ckck...

Only this for today~

Some snackie~

ahrr...Dog's snack was more expensive than humans snack, these little things cost me $100 bucks !! lol

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