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27 October 2009

How I start my day~

So as usual, Gucci enjoyed licking my lips (gross but nvmd he’s my son) and woke up, looked at the time, 08.45!! *shock! quickly ran into the bathroom, usually Gucci will follow and I always have to chase him out…”Gucci please be a good boy…!” he’ll sit obediently outside the bathroom and wait for me *sweet =) After from the shower, quickly dry myself and wore what I must wore =) and started to apply whatever ingredients on my face and body…Iron clothes + perfume, checked bag, kissed Gucci and gave him a snack. ..Ran out from house and again my little boy will follow me out, again and again I have to catch him and put him back into the house. Hate selfish me and can’t bear to see his innocent face it was like...

Gucci : “Mummy don’t go!”
Me : “Mummy will come back early ok? Mami cari uang buad beli snack kasi ciciok? Muahhh….. (earn money for cici’s snack)” hohoho~

Press the lift go to 1st floor, tap the thing (??) to open the gate... ran and ran, traffic lights! *ignore because no car (it’s dangerous don’t try this at home no. it should be on the road??) will see this gardener watering the plant every morning, again traffic light! I have to wait till it become green as the cars were very fast. on this road *Green light ! Quickly ran to the MRT... When I saw “Harbour Front 2 mins” I have to increase my speed of running. Looked at the time 09.15 am should be fine. Drop off at Dhoby Ghaut, ran to red line MRT and arrived at Raffles place, ran again, pass by Mr.Bean “no time!! can’t buy...” huhu continue running…ran to ocean tower smile to the security officer, enter the lift and finally~~~ “Royal Caribbean” *It feels like I was going to get some awards (thada da da~ tha dad a da da~~) finnally I arrived, it was like walking on the red carpet, the front desk staffs were all looking at me” haha !! yeaps I made it.. almost but wasn’t late =P

Yeah…these are all the things I have to repeat everyday…50% internship to go. Ended on 18 Dec 09 OMG!! Can’t wait for my holiday hohoho…so this is what I had before lunch, thanks to Reuben who get the loacker for me, It was on the top of the cupboard which I can’t reach haha

Reu and I went to have this mixed veggie rice only $2 and Reu don't like it...AT ALL ! ckck...actually I was fine with it.

He always stand by for the camera lol fyi this is rubber haha =P

Then bought i-Weekly for mum, Ice cream for colleagues and back to the office…

Again. FOOD!! Another colleagues bought these mini mini buns…FULL FULL FULL !! Love the cheese bun btw haha FAT FAT F.A..T !!!

Finally 06.30 *ting tong ! time to off from work !! yuhuu~ shophaholic deseases came back again, drop off at dhoby ghaut, planned to just see see which end up buy buy lol..Bought a skirt at This Fashion, really need more OFFICE WEAR !! huh..~

Eh ya..before that, I saw the Nets machine, join the queue, waited abt 10mins? I bought these card (it's a cash card as well as an EZ link card), read the ads before, Top up $10 enjoy $7 free !! why not man !! hauhaua...In addition, they are having a $1 Special. Pay by Nets at "Donat empire, Mr.Bean, Bengawan solo, OldChangKee, 7-11, Cheers etc" and enjoy *selected item for only $1 !! hoho worth it I will can check the detail at

And Finally...Bf called me, asked me to buy Burger King for him, I said I don't want! (kidding) he called me again this time he said he'll have his dinner with danny *anger on!! dunno why...I was very angry...Ignore him, continue shopping.. can't tahan sms him... "I WANT TO EAT TOO" so he came and accompanied me to BBQ Chicken at City Square and He ate again...haha..mampos !! (Yes I am bad =) )

He don't like me taking the pictures of the food. So when the food came, he quickly mess it up haha~ He took my mashes potato sauce !! I took his too...and he mix my coleslaw with my mash potato !!! I pass my parsley leaf to him..he throw it back to me and guess what? the leaf stays on the top of my head HAHAHA funny but disgusting !! I throw it back and some sauce stained on his shirt =P I win haha! *Note: don't play with food !! anyw we did finished it at the end ckck...

He bought some rubbishes home...Again !? -_-""

BTW fyi, I will take my off-in-lieu this FRIDAY!!! I am going back to my kingdom, Indonesia yuhuuuu~~~ can’t wait ~ will buy some snacks for merzy and will visit colle (bf’s dog) ckck…and buy something for dad mum bro sis of course.. =) can’t wait can’t wait…I will go for my facial too!! And buy anything I want to buy yeahhh and eat anything I want..ckck….

That’s it =)

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