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26 October 2009

Hate MRT !! let's reverse back, I just came back from city square mall, which is just beside my house (yes I've mentioned abt this a lot !), bought some necessities and snacks at Fair Price, which cost me abt $ 76.00++ in total which equals to abot RP 500.000 ++ is hard to earn !! ckck..

Going to make pan cake someday.. =P
It reminds me of my mum, who ever tried to make simillar pancake like MCD which end up like a roti prata lol

aw love this prune essence better than the berry essence love !! may be consumed chilled !! =)

snacks snakcs

So before that, Bf and I went to BEST DENKI and yeah...he bought Wii huh ! I was planning to buy Wii for him as a present for his upcoming birthday since I still have my salary with me (amazingly not perish yet), but well, he insisted to pay it himself so I will buy something else for him then =)

and guess what game he bought...ohhmiiiigaddddd~

Before that, we went to have dinner at uncle sam's claypot yes I know, my colleagues will laugh at me (sam is my supervisor, fyi) ckck...I had tom yum noodle and he had boneless chicken claypot rice , barley and plum for our drink , otah for our side dish and it's only $ 27.00 lol

Asked him to take a pictures of me and he keeps made me laugh !!! LOL !! it ended up like this lol..

Before this, I was running to the MRT, we promised to meet up at 06.30 and I was off from work at 06.45, escalator that I used to use was broke down, so I decided to walk another way and unfortunately went into the wrong MRT lololololol..quickly came out and went back to the place where I started, Raffles place and went into the correct MRT, busy sms-ing doesn't really care where I was, only heard "Dhoby Ghaut interchange please mind the platform gap" quickly ran out and......... "wait!?" I found out somehing is wrong, "It doesn't looks like dhoby ghaut ler" looked around and "Oh my this is city hall !!" quickly went back to the squueezzeee MRT again and fortunately I went into the right track but again...something is wrong when it was supposed to arrive at Dhoby Ghaut the operator said "Somersett...." on my mind "what the????" start to look around and heard "ha? why somerset?" "somerset?" "somerset le meh?" then I know...IT WAS THE STUPID OPERATOR lol lol lol I was really shocked and wonder "am I really that blur?" hoho...I was at DHOBY GHAUT only not somerset yet !! and quickly ran up and rushed to another MRT to change to the purple line and rush city square and finally met bf at 07.30 LOLOLOL !!! what a day !! lol...I hate MRT huh~ no choice I am still a student =P

anyway forget abt it, let's see what's before that... So I was in the office, enjoying snacks from colleagues (SEE !! our office is really a food paradise...ALWAYS have something to EAT) ckck...

Then for Lunch, went to have korean cuisine with reuben...and Today I had Chicken bulgogi, which was a lil bit spicy, bought Ice cream to our 04.30 uncle ckck..

04.30 uncle ice cream ckck

And this is a free gift I got it when I was otw to have lunch haha a man came toward me and insisted me get the things and reu said "you have a freebie maniac face" LOL" haha I just dunno why everywhere I go I'll receive freebie ckcke even for TAXI, when it was $9.20 the uncle said nevermind pay $8 ckckc !! save $1.20 worr... happy happy haha.. even bread !! I've ever bought 2 pcs of bread at somewhere and asked the price for the coffee bun the uncle said "you never try our coffee bun? I give you one..if it's nice come back again..." (so marketing huahua...)

On the early morning, I had a bak pao (thx angela who bought it) and orange juice fr office..

That's it =)

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