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12 October 2009

FIRST SALARY !!! Yuhuuu~~~ today I went back to the office !! yuhuu...woke up early as usual, went to work and met my weird colleagues ckck...and thx QL for the chocolate ckck...

I was slacking in the office since my supervisor was not around..huahuaa... so I did my e-journal and some part of my portfolio..and help my colleague with her jobs.. and has been a month I had my internship in the company... and I have received my salary !! aww...hauhaua...happy~ happy~~ !! Reuben and I went down to UOB building to buy donut for all colleagues in the offices to celebrate our first salary ckck and then we proceed to market street to buy our lunch..ckck..We had ayam penyet again...but reu and other colleagues seem dun like it..yah myb..only Indonesian know how to enjoy ayam penyet ckck..

our bandung and their tehpenQ

Planned to have Singapore laksa tmrw ckck... These are some pictures of the donuts...We bought 6 boxes at first and reuben felt it wasn't enough so decided to buy another box and it's too muchhh...hauhaua total of 42 donuts while it was only about 30 over colleagues in the office..ckck...

will use my salary to
buy something for dad mum sis bro and bf as well as cici !! =)
will go to shop this weekend !! yuhu~~

anywae...Conclusion of my one month internship is fruitful ! ckck I learnt a lot even though sometime I felt boring as my boss was a very busy person and job in his hand is important, which I can't help too much.. but luckily.. I had 4 " ???" to say? offensive (reu only)? and sometime funny, crazy? hilarious? interesting? haha well.. I would say THEY ARE SUPER FUN COLLEAGUES !! haha I always smile when I remembered the funny things of us as well as the moment we laughed together ckck and yes... mostly the funny part was the very yellowie things ckck.. sometimes I hate reu, who always drag me into the story..Gggrrr.... nevermind..I am kind hearted..I forgived him.. ckck...F la ni reu ! ckck.. and I found that our relationship is growing very fast..It was like without talking we know what each other want to do or says ckck..

btw..yes I am FATTER !!! grrr...I think I gained abt 2-3 kg ahrr...!!! disaster will try to reduce my meal *try =) hihii...

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