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23 October 2009

extremely TIRED huhuhu!!

tired tired tireddddddddd huammm !! My eyes were tearing when I was on the taxi, on the way home, I kept yawning huhuhuhu... I AM SUPER SLEEPY... and yes decided to blog before sleep and fyi, I haven't even bath lol... very busy today.... thx reu who bough my Mr.Bean breakfast hehe...

On the afternoon, I had Korean lunch with mag, I had beef bulgogi and she had bibimbap...Love it ! I love the salad huahua fresh and sweetss =)

and for OT dinner, We had chicken rice and tehpeng..again.. (sorry too hungry...forget to take picture =P) I still can't accept teh peng hauhaua..It was still weird for me hohoho...aniwae... I was doing some excel file where I just need to copy and paste, copy and paste, copy and paste ten thousand of ID huh~ and I guess my colleagues were still doing it until now, in the office, I left earlier than them because, I need to prepare something for tomorrow, Yes I am going for my SIP class session tomorrow...and yeaps... on the evening another roadshow...ahrrrr tired !!! I think will only blog till here ..need to take a bath liao...yawn yawn yawnnnn.......

Btw daddy want to buy me BB but...I dun like it lorr...I prefer Iphoneeee !!! huhu..dunno which to choose now sigh!

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