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19 October 2009

company lunch

Awww...Company lunch !! yuhuu...Congrats to my company, who won the Best Cruise Operator award !! hehe thx for the lunch too =P

Different with previous day, I WAS VERY BUSY today..haha 10.000+++ of list is waiting for me to enroll them to the membership database.. lol' eventhough boring, it was better than nothing to do hehe..thx to reu who help as well..and because what we need to do was just copy and paste.. very silent, I suggested to play something..and that something was continuing word lol "chao fan, fan wan, wan chan....etc etc" haha that was how wu liao we were lol... after from work, went to city square *I think i'll go to city square mall EVERYDAY lo haha coz it was super accesible* go into the city square and came out from the other exit to reach home ckck...ehem..! yes that is my excuse haha..a lot more shop was opening, they have SEOUL GARDEN, POPULAR, TIME ZONE, etc lah...too much to mention...go and find out your self =) can I stop ordering MCD???

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