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30 October 2009

Bangkrupt part II

Omg !!!!! went to buy dinner at city square and....


I can't controll myself really !! huhuhu...

I bought Minibits they are currently having 30% disc and for member 35% !! only until this Monday !! OMG!! I can't control myself...these thing cost about $50++ only !!! buy yes $50 is money lol..

ps: The sticker only $4 !!

Then I went to watson as dad want me to buy something but I can't find it..and ends up buying these things...and it cost me another $ 50 huhuhu...

ps: free umbrella lol

Then went to buy dinner + fruit juice another $30

I spent $ 800++ today T-T die die diee~~~

I can't control myself and going to bankrupt soon huhuhu...

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