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25 October 2009

aw aw aw super tiring saturday !!

woke up early in the morning ystd, then make up etc..went back to campus for classroom session, my LO was absent so I ended up join other class... prefer to have the session with my LO =P anywae...after that, I went to have lunch with stella and she said, she's full lol so I had the lunch myself and she just watched me eating ckck..we have a good chat anywae..good to hear that she's happy with her sip company hehe..I had sambal fish @ Vivo kopitiam btw..LOVE IT !!

Then, I went to Giant alone, to see what to buy, at the end I didn't buy anything, and would like to buy this dinner table set only $59 !! omg~ so cheap ckckck...but bf said it's ugly huh! yes it's not nice..but it's cheap and usable haha

Then otw home, I take away toast box for bf, who clean the house the whole day haha thanks =) do it often plz.. ckck...

Had my laksa (I love toast box laksa) , change and go to Ngee Ann for my company roadshow hauhaua...didn't take any picture !! huhuhu.. and after roadshow, me and some colleagues went to have some drinks at IndoChine and I didn't drink any alcholic drink but mocktail, shirley temple, I heard this drink before, at my school I was nice but again NO PICTURE huahuaa.....

and after drinking, we went to....guess where? ORCHARD TOWER hahaha...yes I was curious, what exactly it is and what's happening there..and as 3 guys were with us, we decided to of my colleagues, guy, was being touched by the aQua HAHAHAHA that was funny part lol..exciting but scary ckck...we watched live how those pros was being approached by man lol..even have to register the pros to show passport -_-"" anywae..after that, we went to mcd and went back home...hauhau super tired...I woke up at 1.30pm just now...will blog again tonite =)

a MCD version of monopoly btw...

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