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25 October 2009

At home with Gucci~

yay....delifrance delivery...ckck...not fast food but still UNHEALTHY ckckck....we ordered

1. Grill Assortment for 2 which consists of,

Lamb T-bone (we changed it to sirloin steak)
Sirloin steak

Chicken steak (good)

Chicken sausage

Sunny side up eggs

mashed potato

mixed salad

and sauce

2. Deli's platter

N.Z mussels


Mildly spiced chicken wings (good)

Thick-cut fries

and we're SUPER FULL hahaha....and we received a can of cookies yuhuu love freebies ckck...and the cookies was SUPER NICE huahuaa...almost the same taste as famous amos =)

And then, stay at home..waiting for Man-u VS liverpool match ckck...

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