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11 October 2009

4D3N Malaysia business trip 8 oct - 11 oct 2009

hahaha Business trip sounds yay...I went to KL, Malaysia to assist my internship company on their today I am going to share my experience abt "Travelling alone" I woke up early and says bye bye to bf and my dog...owh..the felling was terrible.. haha...I can't bear to leave gucci huhu... I was like a mummy who can't bear to leave the son.. haha.. anywae.. I need to go... !! what I mentioned on my previous blog, when arrive airport, I checked in immidiately... I was told that I'll be seated on the first row and I spontaneously said "ok" lol !!! so my seat was facing the wall bored..

anywae..I was sleeping during the flight..coz I was really really tired on that day... and I've learned from experience time says...window seat and preferably on the middle..ckckck...

soooo......I arrived Msia at 8 October around 09.45 am, then while waiting for the train to the immigration check point to come, I went into a gift shop and I bought a cute barbie make up case there ^^v

love love love !!!

arrive msia...Immigration...

btw..hey man that's indo's flower !!
Rafflesia Arnoldi

Then..after everything was done, I bought a taxi ticket to my hotel, One world hotel...

and the hotel were really awesome haha..and it's a five star hotel..ckck.. see how lucky I am ckck... these are some pictures to share..

two queen size bed haha..dunno which to sleep on... personalize...

complimentary fruit some more...

After settle down, quickly I changed to my uniform rush to the road show...

I am lucky, very lucky to have this rare travel to overseas and experience how roadshow are being run in other country. My role there was as a sales personnel. For lunch, I went to had nasi lemak with my 2 bosses (sam and let) =)

Then for dinner, I had teppanyaki w/ my two new colleague, wendy and penny. There was one more colleague but...(ups I forgot her name *really sorry) =) anywae..the point is.. they were caring, attentive, fun ! rawks ! will miss you guys...for sure hehe..

And then..I was allowed to leave at 09.00pm and was given a chance to go and shop !! haha see how good my boss understanding I used up all my energy for shopping on that day..I found these item...

om.g so cheap..

so cute snacks =)

snacks for cici~

Then on the next day, 09 Oct 09, I had my breakfast w/ boss ckck..this is what I had..

simple breakfast

The dragon fruit was sweeetttttsssss

This is our booth

For lunch, I had this ayam peri peri hauhau...I guess it should be quite famous at was called "Nando's" and yes it's hot and nice =)

For snacks..I had this auntie anne's pretzel's

For dinner, I had this Nasi Goreng Balacan hoho...

and I Found this GORGEOUS RING !!!

for sis and myself

So on the next day 10 oct 09 , same thing breakfast in the hotel, but on that day I was alone..ckck...These were what I had..

love dessert

After I am done with my bfast, I proceed to the roadshow and did the setup, switched on TV, arrange the tables and chairs, brochures etc..wait for colleagues to come and start to work =) On that day...there was a customer which I met on the earlier day... she came to find me back !! o.m.g potential customer !! she was ready to pay everything and I was really delighted as that will be the first sales done by me in Malaysia...BUT unfortunately she's 19 huhuhu...the policy is one below 21 is allowed to go without parents...huhu....UNFORTUNATELY ! I felt really sorry for her as she really doesn't look likes 19 and it's my fault that I didn't ask her age before hand..I've disappointed her... huhuhuhuu..... I am sad.. not because I didn't get the sales.. but I've disappointed her.. She has planned everything huhuhu... I will not do the same mistakes again...huh ! and kind heart her, she forgived me..I felt quilty...huhuu

For lunch, I had this beef rendang rice and the SUPER NICE bandung~~ hoho...

I had 2 glasses of this !! super nice~~

Then for dinner, I had salty fish rice and chicken with colleagues at boss's place hoho..then...I managed to go out again after dinner..These were my findings..

SUPER GORGEOUS RING again hehe... love love love....

And on the last day..woke up early...packed all the things...had breakfast...

Proceed to roadshows...

picture of me on that day...

help up until about 12.30pm and took group picture.. (group picture will be uploaded soon) then back to the hotel, check out and transit to the airport... KLIA and check in... depart at 02.30pm

I forget to ask for poker card from SQ, which mag requested earlier (*really sorry) coz I was sleeping on the flight and when I woke up, I was like very blur and quickly rush out ckck.. BUT~~~ I managed to get poker card of silk air..hope it will do..haha..and I requested 5..haha..will give out to my intern colleagues tommorow ckckck...

And lastly, this is a victoria Secret fragance mist bought from the airport only $32 !! love it =)

and when I arrived home....a suprise meal from bb =)

Thats it...I am going to take a bath now...awww 10.35 pm alrdy..

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