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06 October 2009

1st day of 20 !!

yawww...Today is a relaxing day =) haha..yeaps...btw...I made this pretty flower from office's unused paper..ckck..and yay..I love it! ckck..the colour is nice...just lack of purple colour...aihyah~

and during lunch, our office was like a workshop haha...
learnt how to make roses..

So for lunch, QL & I went to market street to take away lunch for ourselves as well as the colleagues..we bought Indonesian cuisine...I had ayam penyet..and was suprised by the colourful kerupuk~ inside..ckckck...and the rice was nice ! will definitely go there again..

and again bought cincaoo from this drink stall,
which alwayyyyyssssss have long queues snack from Sharan...SUPER NICE apple strudel !!! nyamm...the filling is cooling and the outer is crispy ! nyammm !!!

And yay...I'll be flying to KL, Malaysia this thursday !!! OMG !! I'll be travelling alone for the first time !!! I am excited and scared lohhh....huahuaa YES I AM LUCKY !! all the expenses are shouldered by company ckck ^^v and now I am counting how many wear to bring along...ckck..I'll be at Msia for 4D3N.. I'll be assisting a roadshow held by my company IR Malaysia..yaww I will have a lot of things to share on my blog as well as my e-journal and portfolio..whauhau really excited now....I assume this is a gift from my company..haha as a bday gift =P thanks for the chance..I'll work hard hehe..

Well...and for the dinner, bf and I went to SUSHI TEI @ City Square mall..and these are what we ordered..

Showing off his VAJA lol

candid..fortunately not too bad ckck...

BTW thanks a lot for everyone who greeted me "Happy Birthday" really thanks =)


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