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22 September 2009

Yuhuuu~~ Shopping after work !

aww...Today I learnt abt 'fleet visitor request' if I am not wrong the short form is FVR's abt requesting permission to enter to the cruise...And also I was asked to try and reply an E-mail to guest..hoho..when all the things were done, while waiting for my colleagues, I started to do the second part of my port folio which is about environmental concern. QL and I felt that we're on the right company !! haha coz there are a lot of things abt environmental that can be discussed such as their save the waves program, ocean fund program and a lot more. Btw today I had lunch my lunch with mag only... as other colleagues went to meet up with their friends..we went to market place where we used to go for lunch and today I had Chickhen rice.. 8/10 I'll say it's nice and affordable..only $3 =) hehe and my fav cincao..damn nice too ckck...

on the 2nd floor of market street

My knowledgeable and cute friend, Mag

My chicken rice

My Cincaoo drink nyamm !

So today I finished work at abt 07.00 and otw to Raffles city MRT, I saw I went in..just planned to buy the nose strips BUT I ended up bought these things ckck..woman is a woman lol...

Aww..a new black strips with peach scent should give it a try =)

This is only $1.95 a temporary hair dye ckck

Essential Shampoo ! I seen a lot of advertisement so..I bought it and would like to give it a try as well hoho... pink and purple..

Then when finally I started on the right track again..headed to the MRT, I saw an accessories shop again I went in and have a look..OMG..there are always something that I can buy ckck...I, myself also wonder why? ckck..

love the hair clip at the top ! it's only $2.20 !!

aw a box with hair pin !! chioo lor..

$ 5.90 (If I am not wrong) finally I went into Raffles Place mrt ! And guess what? I was not going home at that time (almost 8pm)..I decided to go Bugis for shopping LOL arrived home almost at 10 pm haha..I wondered why I am so energetic today..manage to walk a lot ! ckck..So I went to Bugis and bought dinner at KedaiKueKue at #B1-?? dunno the exact no of the stall..

Wonder why TehBotol are so expensive..
In indonesia $2.00 can get 10 or more I guess..

Love the SOTO !! 8/10

Bf's fried rice

son's snack ckck..

Thats it for today going to take a bath and gonna do something with my face..hate pimple lorh.. * super big SIGH ! =)

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