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10 September 2009

Yay !! sem3 result !

Should I says "Thanks god ! no D !" or should I says "What a shame! no A !"

hwuahua...Because I was expecting one or two Ds in my result and on the other side I was hoping for some As as well.... BUT ! the result is NEUTRAL hwuahua no A and no D ! hehe.. I feel 100% relax now, as I've got my result and yes I passed all the subject..And It was really fun and exciting this morning..I went to works as usual and met my colleague in *our so called intern office (5 tables with pc, one for each). Some of them are from TP as well. So I asked them "Hv u guys got the result? delay rite?" Reuben replied "I think will be posted on the website later at 10am". We were in the office since 9.30am and so between 09.30-10 we were on 'stand by ' mode, keep waiting for the results. We even count down till the last minute..we did checked TP website on 10am sharp..But *sigh! it wasn't posted yet...Then 10am onward all of us was like keep checking on TP website every 10mins haha..very excited but...still not posted huh!

Btw this is my attire today with lil gucci who refuse to go away
and insist to take photo whuhua

Then we went out for lunch at LongJohnSilver,Bugis. After back from lunch, we keep checking the website and It was still not there yet..So we gave up and continue with our work..




I received an SMS..I told them.."I think it's from TP" all of their face were like "really?", "Are you sure?" (*excited)..Then everybody started to receive SMS too. and Yes It was an SMS of the result !! huahua..Quickly I forward my result to my dad mum sis bro and bf. And my bf reply "haha you are lucky" and I was like half =) half -_-" hehe..So These are my shameful and lucky result :

Mktg =B+
OB = B
Lodg = C+
Acct = C+
Econ = C

Wonder and curious abt how much my GPA is..I can't open TP website now and I think because millions of people out there try to login so..jam lo ckck...
And now I am facing a prob...can't decide "should I eat dinner or not?"
sigh The happier I am the fatter I'll be...

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