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25 September 2009

So many things to eat in the office !!

Wheeyy…!! I am not late today haha… 09.28 =P and I was suprise when I sat on my desk ! JAGABEEE !! hauhaua thx allison for the bee bee =)

see that? 09.28 =P



HM..So what did I do today? Hm..Find 10 e-newsletter and comments on it…good bad? Impressive? Why? And I also helped QL on filtering the contact list. On the afternoon, Ribbon went to buy lunch for us..(hahaha ribbon aka reuben is now sitting beside me when I type this and I can’t stop laughing) and today’s lunch ribbon bought nasi lemak…yawww…I love the otah ! hehe..and for dessert, we had beancurd =) quite different with Indo’s beancurd as the beancurd soup was soya bean ckck..I asked Ribbon, “Is this a special dessert fr Singapore?” He said “No” haha..coz he ate this since young so he think this is not special lor..anywae..He did mentioned that there were also chocolate, green tea and etc flavour. At chomp chomp Hoho maybe I sud try one day..hehe..

And again…my other colleague were calling out to remind guest today..and a lot of things to laugh hahaha such as:

1. Call out when the guest says she is doing facial
2. Just woke up from sleep
3. One of colleagues sneezes almost 10 times on the phone (take care of yourself babe)
4. Says “hi Sharon…are you Sharon?” lol
5. Maid answering the call and dunno how to say english
6. 75yrs uncle who speak extremely slow

Its fun to call and talk to different people hauhuaa...but unfortunately I just get to hear what my colleagues experiences hoho...

and when all of us was busy..our colleague, evon brought ECLAIRE to us..OMG ! heaven loh..haha really felt blissfull all the staffs their were very thoughful, friendly and super nice lor hoho...

and after a while, another colleague, Eric brought in another box of eclaire..hauhuaa...

At around 6 pm, I heard F1 sounds from the office..they are practising at that time..and ribbon suggested why don't we print out a picture of F1 and imagine that it just pass by..ckckck..

and I went home directly from work ! REALLY !! but !!!! hahaha I went to mall beside my HOME !! haha hey man..I went home directly lo..ckckck =P OMG !! I guarantee I will be fatter and fatter loh..hahaha So many F&B outlet inside..

fish & co , kfc, mcd, pizza hut, burger king, subway, sushi tei, swensens etc etc...
crazyy de lo..ckck..just 1mins from my home lol...

I bought Long John Silvers for dinner ^o^


aw grilled cajun chicken nyamm !!

potato salad

city square mall

source :

BTW...I received an Bday card from my mail box just's from xinwang =) so attentive and personal lo..(good marketing tactic) love it..haha bday is ahead...hoho...

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