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06 September 2009

Shopping with Mum & Sis

Shuhu~~ I have dissapointed my mum..and grandpa I guess...I supposed to wake up at 8 am but I end up waking up at around 11 lol..I promised my mum that I will go with her to my "grandpa memorial ceremony?" (I dunno whats dats called) The point is..I didn't make it.. Sorry grandpa and mum...Huhuhu...

And for my breakfast, I had so called "red kueh" haha I know how to eat..but dunno what Its called lol...I ate only one piece coz I need to spare some space for lunch ! hehe...

Too much soy sauce I guess ckck..

After I have finished dress up myself... mum, dad, sis and I went to fix my laptop at DC mall..and we had our lunch at one of the coffee shop near there...we had fish soup + rice...

It has been years I've never been there I guess..Eventhough It is a huge shopping mall..but no so many people will go there..I dunno why but I guess the ambience and environment..not so glam loh and dirty haha..After from from DC mall, mum, sis and I went Top100 and BCS mall for shopping....and these are my finds...

Sis and Mine pyjamas...

Only cost 50.000 !!

Founded at * this ! $28

From *Match as well bought this for SIP

love this too !

This earing only cost me

Bought this for fun..only for Rp 110.000

At the end we bought crepes at *Yogen crepes..long queue btw...but it's okay...It was worthy so I dun mind to wait...then we had our dinner at *Citra mpek"..and thats our day...

Chocolate banana and Smoked chicken

Mpek" campur, Lenggang , Dragon fruit juice and Soursop

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