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23 September 2009

Shopping after work part II

So..I went to work this morning and almost late again as usual hahaha..So what I learn today? I sent out my first parcel through DHL hahaha....and on the afternoon QiaoLin and I went to da bao for colleagues..we bought chicken rice again ckck..same stall as yesterday..because it's damn nice and cheap ckck...Btw one of our colleagues went to piak piak (our office language haha) today..he's late to work because piak piak wakaka...and another funny thing to share is that one of our colleagues, whenever he want to transfer call he'll always say "1...2.....3......." first hahahaha...

aw..busy busy..

J & QL

credited by QL ckck..title : "act hardworking.."


damn nice chicken rice $3 for this pack of white chick and char sio rice

Hwuahuaa and againnnnn.......I didn't go home after work just now...ckck..planned to go to polar puufs & cakes to buy hello kitty mooncake BUT !! need to pre-order and I have to wait for 2 days so I changed my mind..hauhaua....

source :

Then when I arrived at dhoby ghaut..I should go directly to take another train and GO HOME !! but I decided to stop I went up to Plaza Singapura and wentto daiso..would like to see if there's any new dog's accesories and then walk around ps in summary..I bought these..

Love this earing ! bought at Whatever =)

love this small towel and gucci's black shirt... $2 each !!! ckck.. cheap !

earing stand guess how much? $2 extremely super cheap de lor..
daisoooooo....o daisoooooo........

Gucci with new shirt
men in black ckckck..

Then I was looking for mooncake..want to find something special and I found this !!! ckckck...Immidiately I bought 2pcs..and it's nice should try hoho...

Bakerzin awesome mooncake

Brandie cherry Truffle Mini Snowskin flavour

Sesame Truffle Mini Snowskin nice !

love !

pic from their website source : totally I spent about...

$6 for towel,earingstand and gucci shirt
$6 butterfly earing
$3 for Chicken rice
$10 for mooncake
$10 taxi

$35 !!! hohoho...lets hope I will not go anywhere after work tommorow ckck...

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