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12 September 2009

Saturpowpowday !

Yeah ! Finally I had enough sleep..woke up at around 11-12 am this morning / noon =P..Felt hungry..sigh..! Start to daydreamin'..... **If I were at Indonesia** ... OMG! heaven lor.. mum would have bought my breakfast..maid serve OMG ! Never imagine and start to wonder why I am here.. living away from my parent and have to settle meal myself...YAY *Realistic* I will not rely on my parent forever.. and I am old enough (although not 20 yet =P) to start to be Independent..! Mum keep telling me "Dun eat junk food..bad for are big alrd..learn how to take care of yourself I can't take care of you forever"..And usually I will answer "ya ya ya" hauhua rude ne..

The reason why I can't eat healthily here is that

1. I love to cook but hate to wash !! Big sigh ! No maid = Hell !

2. No strenght to cook..I am tired after work...besides I have to iron my shirt, tidy my house and take care my Gucci..

3. No time...Wake up early come back home late...after bathing lazy to go mcd..

4. Seriously no choice..The fastest and easiest food delivery in singapore are all *Junk food ! I did ever tried to order *curry and other veggie..(golden pillow if I am not mistaken) It takes almost 3 hrs to arrive...By that time I think I will be crawling to open the door for the delivery man lo LOL

5. Singapore don't have really delicious things to eat...eventhough have..It is far from my house lor..

But nevermind...I found one restaurant that provide delivery to my area and also healthy BUT ! expensive LOL...Pu tien just a few steps from my delivery charge =) but yah it's quite expensive lo... *Pu tien (Chinese Restaurant)

2 People's portion

Their Famous Steam Prawn in Bamboo

The prawn is huge, super fresh, tender and yummy!

Fried chicken


After breakfast, I watched the dvd which my bro suggest "Hearthy Paw" Do you believe I cried from the start until the end? SERIOUSLY very pathetic and SUPER SAD ! you must watch it ! it is really a good movie...But I hate it ! as it's super sad..huhuhu we must love all the animals ! especially our own pet lor...please protect them with all your strenght... they only have you ! Like me..I love my Gucci eventhough he is naughty and poo pee everywhere.. haha..ok ok..seriously you have to watch this..! This is the 2nd movie that makes me cry a lot lot lot..

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Btw I just received a news that my bro 1st dog which her name is *Q-be (a female snauzer mixed dog) has passed away.. She was transferred to my big aunt on another island sometimes ago because my dad dun allow my bro to keep the dog as it would get bigger and bigger...Btw weeks ago I just received news that Q-be gave birth 7 puppies..and I think after that she was sick and now she has gone....sigh another sad thing..My bro must be very S.A.D...

My bro (half) hugging Q-be

Rest In Peace Q-be..we all love you ! =)

Please love your pet

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