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01 September 2009

Rene's blog release ! =)

Hi aunt bloggie...Hehe..I am here to share my life AGAIN ! yeah...sem3 was tough and was extremely buzy thats why I've been missing for the past 10 months =) I will blog about SHOPPING !! yeaps. As I am on holiday mode, I've been shopping for the past weekend. I went to Orchard, Bugis, Dhoby Ghaut, China town and etc to release stress and I bought a lot of things..Seriously can't control !! I can't control myself huh!. But anyway..I spent a lot BUT its on not so expensive stuff. And so I think It should be still okay (excuse!) =P Besides, I am a membership card collector haha! I love to buy thing cheaper than others hehe..these are all my member cards...

Based on category haha...
A) Fashion (This fashion, 77th street, PMK, Newbie, Crocodile)
B) DeptStore (Watson,FairPrice,MoreThanWords,Tangs,Minitoons)
C) F&B (Garuda,XinWang,Kopitiam)
D) Make up (TheBodyShop,Missha)
E) Misc (KittyLove,PetLover,Kinokuniya,TS,)

Next target will be OG card and Anna sui member card =)
And these are some stuff I bought...

Love this ring! can't decide which colour to buy...
ask cynn,jc,henny and tina they said GREEN !!
yes I agree..But PURPLE is my fav colour..
so..yes I end up bought 2 LOL

See that cute little bottle in the middle?
I love the bottle !! hehe..

Bought this at daiso for only $2

a t-shirt which is only $5

2 purple bra haha =P

Love this! and it's only $10

This is ridiculous! only $5 for a tank top and high waist skirt haha!

bought this at diva $16 I's quite unique as it's two ring that combined together

same bought at diva..2 for $20 one for my for myself =)

Ahrrr....Teenage september issues !! =)

On Monday, WE, Jc,Cynn,Henny,Martina and I planned to meet at Boon Lay at 1 and we're typical indonesian we end up met up at 2 haha...Went to have lunch at din tai fung as you can see what we order some dim sum on the picture below..sorry almost done eating then realised to take pic hehe...

Love the crab meat spicy dumpling (bigger xiao long bao which only left 2)

After lunch, we went to safra jurong for K-box..we almost die on the way btw haha..(skip) yeaps we went to K from about 3 to 7 LOL" haha..yes we did enjoyed it..and we were entertained by henny as whatever song she sang we will comment on it such as: the lyris says "close eyes when you say love me" and jc your eyes..if you close it you can't see anything...and when she sang "it's hard to say I love you" we replied "I thats all about your love story" are some pictures to share..

10 drinks and tibits

Jc's voice is nice
matina's voice is also nice!

Cynn sang korean song..cute MV but i dun understand hauhuaa..

yes we sang from chinese, korea, japan, cantonese, english and even indo songs !
we was thinking to sing indian song as well actually !! huahuaa..

Then we proceed to have our dinner at
"Java village" @ Jurong Point
I tried the "Sambal javanese fried rice" and yes I'll says its good as it's very hard to find indo's food at sgp so.yes it was good haha..

Lastly some pictures of.....

wif manusia ga jelas and baby gucci =)

Thanks for reading will update soon....

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