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18 September 2009

OMG my 1st call ! fortunately I made my first call today !! haha...yes suprisingly I was quite calm and managed to answer the questions asked..I received total 6 calls in abt an hour.. 1st & 2nd were asking about the prices of the tour and 3rd are looking for my colleague ckck... 4th is Mandarin !!! lol..coz I have been practising or rather role playing with my friends in English when I picked up the call , I forget what's the greeting !! OMG! I was like saying "gan xie ning zhi dian....... Zzzz......." pause for appx 3 second that I continued and said "wo shi Irene ni hao..." I am sweating at that time huaaaa...really freak out..but luckilly I managed to communicate with the guest in mandarin..syuu~~ and 5th call was terrible..I can't hear wht the customer said so I pause him and hand it over to my colleague which is WRONG ! I should do that, as the guest will feel offended...and Seriously I felt regreted and feel sorry to the guest as I should try my best to understand what he's saying before looking for help..yeah I learnt something today..and the last call is about some enquires and it ends my day..huaaa...

I am happy !! hopefully after my SIP my communication skill will improve. And yes..tommorow is the travel fiesta day! another chance for me to learn ! I think I will enjoy it very much ^^

BTW the mall beside my house (which is only 3mins step away) has opened !! O.M.G can't wait to go and see what's inside..what so far I knew there's giordano, charles&keith, watson, metro, breadtalk and etc..It advertised as the 1st eco mall in Singapore which I am going to discover what it is all about soon. someday maybe..

And otw home I take away 2 packs of mixed veggie rice in from of my house and this pack of lala is only $ 2.50 !!! it's enough for two ckck..and it's nice =)

Btw my fams will be going for a holiday and I can't join sad huhu...for the 1st time they will be travelling w/o me haha (sounds like I am important ckck) anyway just wish them to have a happy and safety holiday and have fun =) love them muahhh !

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