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13 September 2009

No taxi day

Nothing much today....woke up later again...Sunday man ! must enjoy..I am in trouble now ! I've not memorize or at least understand all the product of my internship company and I even accepted an invitation from bf to watch G-FORCE just now...omg..I think I'll stay up till very late to learn the things..huh....! I went for a movie just now w/ bf, edyson, danny, felix, fenny (new friends) and lenny at Iluma, Bugis.


Then, we went to have dinner at...QQ noodle yay my fav restaurant..plan to went home at abt 9.30 BUT guess what? we arrived home at almost 12pm SIGH! we planned to get a taxi at bugis junction BUT long queue....haiz so we try to walk to Iluma..and again no we walked futher until la'salle the design school still dun have. So we walked futher more without wondering we reached sim lim already...we gave up and finally decided to WALK HOME sigh... and along the way we were praying for taxi..OMG seriously still no taxi along the way...crazy or what? haha aniway.. it's good actually... excercise after dinner haha... plus.. romantic lo walked home with bf..BUT unfortunately the bf is not romantic..haha keep scolding singapore taxi "I dun understand what they are doing at this ge tai issit?" Zzz.....

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