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20 September 2009

Travel Fiesta

awww...yay !! yesterday I participated on the travel fiesta event by Mediacorp..I was under my S.I.P company, Royal Caribbean International...

I was on the noon shift which was at abt 2pm hm..and when I reached there, it was very crowded. Immidiately I started to serve the guests by answering their enquires. Honestly, it was tiring but I enjoyed it. At that time, my other colleagues has sold at least one cabin and I have not sell any...started to worry...and abt 9pm, a family came toward me and asked for enquires...and they came again for the second time, they wanted to know abt it more detail. So I invited them to sit down and discuss futher..finally......This fams were MY 1ST GUEST!! they bought 3 cabins from ME omg! total 3 fams...I was extremely delighted when he said "ok we want to book the cabins and we'll make FULL PAYMENT" ahrrrr.....I was smiling and can't stop !! This an achievement man! I convienced my guest successfully^^v for the 1st time..I sell cabins to the guest..hohoho...And as THIS IS THE FIRST TIME...I was nervous of for the later part, my supervisor assisted me in filling the customer particular , payment and etc. I feel good tadadadaa~ ckck..

Breakfast cum lunch cum dinner

Super sweet dragon fruit !

cute lil donut

and yeaps my bf fetch me yuhuuu~~ we went to cathay to watch "PHOBIA 2"

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sh*t !! so scary...I only watched 20% of it haha..I hugged bf tightly and most of the time I closed my eyes and after that I asked him "what happen? what happen?" haha..It was really thrilling MUST WATCH ! there are 5 stories in the movie..5 different movies..

1st one is about the monk scary level 3/5
2nd is about the hospital 3/5
3rd is about the second hand car 4/5
4th is about zombie 2/5
5th the title is "IN THE END" <= my fav !! coz it is SUPER FUNNY and SCARY haha.. note: scary level is based on MY opinion =) Seriously MUST WATCH hoho.. By the way, the combo we bought come along with this pair of bebe! it ! *Fame is another movie..maybe I am going to watch it..someday =)

Going to 1st eco mall LATER ! will blog again tonite =)

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