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04 September 2009

Mini Holiday to Indo~

Yay ! I am now in Indonesia...Just arrived abt two hour ago...Ferry was departure at 05.05 pm Sing time..and I arrived at about 06.00 pm Sing time...Before that, I had my lunch with my bf..He bought Mee goreng, Nasi goreng and Butter squid..It was yummy !!

After lunch, quickly I packed all my things...which included...


Cute candies for sis bro and myself

Plum drinks for my bro..and Yes It taste GREAT !

and my laptop, shampoo, shirt dress, hair curler and etc etcc......

After everything was done, I rushed to HarbourFront as I have to be there at 04.45 pm and It was hard to find taxi !! Somemore, there was an UNgentleman-gentleman trying to fight for taxi with me huh...and fortunatelly the taxi driver choosed me !! when I arrived at HarbourFront it was 04.45 sharppp.....!! quickly I ran with my heels to check in >.< (please dun imagine) and YES finally I made it ! oh no...not mum asked me to buy BakPao..!! quickly I ran to buy and finally arrived the depature gate..!! I ran and ran and ran the ferry would departure in 3mins time....and when I went into the ferry...suddenly jessie stood in front of me... what a coicidence I was in the same ferry with jessie,eve,henny and we chit chat laugh gossip etc etc..The most important thing to mention was that our princess jessie ,dunno how she ate her snack..It was just fell down and spreaded all over the floor...this wasn't the problem...the problem was...the snack was upside down..haha and finally arrived at INDONESIA !! My mum and sis came to fetch me...and finally I am home...!! Had dinner with my family...O.M.G finally today I had a proper meal huhu..Eventhough it was simple, it was enough...and I hope to eat this everyday...

Fish, Pork and Beef rendang !!

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