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07 September 2009

Im Back to Sgp

Yayyy !! I am now in Singapore..arrived at about 05.30 pm Sgp time today...Before that, I had my breakfast cum lunch at home..

Mummy's cuisine

Inside my lugage
with a DVD inside...mum and bro said "that's a confirm will cry movie"
haha so I brought it with me..

And when I arrived in Singapore, I bought some stocks to keep at home hehe..

After I reached home (sgp), I went out again to meet OCBC building, Raffles Place. We walked through boat quay , clark quay and finally the central ! The place where I used to come..And we went to Mr.Curry by Waraku to have our dinner (the place where I used to work part-time for fun) haha...yay..these are some photo to share..

The central

Mr.Curry by Waraku

The interior
The Menu

Bf's Beef curry

My Chicken kaminabe

Mangoo Smoothies and Mangoo Lassie

Pork kushi

Mont blanc cheese cake


And the payer..wekeke...

After dinner, we headed to Orchard start from Paragon.

He said He wants to buy shoes and He choosed this....

I dun like it seriously..haha..I prefer another one...anyway He's the one who wear..he likes it..then I have no comment =P

Then we went to Ion..He bought a pair of jeans..and I didn't buy anything..I dun have money haha...and yes thats our day =)

Ion Orchard

One jeans = My one month expense ckck

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