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08 September 2009

I am extremely nervous !!!

Today I feel very relax , physically. I have been playing with little gucci since I woke up this morning and now he's sleeping behind me..

But Mentally I am very nervous !!

Just like my living room...Super messy !!
Looks like snowning isn't? Gucci's work ! well done baby !

Because I'll start my SIP tommorow..O.M.G !! I've iron my blouse and skirt. Will go to out to buy heels after this.. Hope everything will be fine....O.M.G for the first time I feel so nervous about my job.. It will be my 1st full time job !! and I am alonee !! I am still not so sure what job will they give..O.M.G !! Maybe thats the reason why...
I am very nervous
And honestly, on the other mind I am very excited (or should I say 'afraid') about my exam result..which will be announced tomorrow !! somemore through SMS !! (If my phone suddenly 'vibrate' tommorow..I think I will excuse to the washroom and view the sms privately 0r maybe I'll not open any sms until 06.30 pm) . OMG seriously nervous !! I have been dreaming that I'll fail my Econs and etc. I can't sleep well everynight !! Huhuhu...I dun think I will be relax tommorow...A lot of things that is in my mind now ! I hate this shi*t feeling !! huhu...I just hope I can simply 'PASS' all my subject..This semester is seriously extremely tough for I didn't aim for any A ! All I need is to 'PASS' all the subject and it is more than enough !! God please bless me !

I have been thinking to quit 'junk food' BUT you know what? I ordered Mcdonals for my breakfast cum lunch this morning...!! Ahrr...Are there any "Healthy" food delivery in this world? I seriously need it !!

Bf's , Gucci's and mine
Hate this ! But no choice....

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