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12 September 2009

Happy Friday !

I felt hungry on the middle of e night yesterday and my hubby cooked rice and fried it for me = fried rice lor..huahaua..I'll say too plain as the sausage was very little hoho..I just finish half of it...can't eat too much.. =) *Blissful

Love fried rice by Hub

Wake up as usual..arrived at the office at 9.26am..1st thing I did was checking TP 's website and I was extremely suprise and happy lor..I thought with my grades like this..I should get my GPA less than 3 and I was very delighted that I got 3.06 haha..VERY LOW but it's better than my expectation ^^v happy happy....

ckck 3.06 lor

Aw camwhoring on the lift..11th floor so have time to take pic =P unglam pose lo lol

Lunch with colleagues..we bought our lunch and have it in the office as foodcourts and restaurants were very seat! fiuh...These are what I had for my and potato..very healthy lo and It was yummy $3 only =)

Mixed veggie rice + Lime juice

I learnt how to book a cruise trip today ! yay..It's challenging seriously...I hope I can cope with it..I am very happy as..I really really gain a lot of knowledge from my intership..and there are really a lot of things to LEARN LEARN LEARN !! And we even have a tests THIS MONDAY ! o.m.g ! huahaua I feel lucky to have my internship there as there are lots of chances to learn new things..I learnt about sales, marketing, T&C, some policies and etc etc...

After from work, I went to meet hubby and we watched "GAMER" at Bugis hm...It's an interesting movie and very hi-tech must watch ! it is worthy ! went to have dinner at Ajisen-Ramen I will rate it 6/10 I dun think it's very nice lor hauhau..QQ Noodle better haha and yeee...I am home !

Spicy cha-shu ramen

Hubby's ton toro ramen

Baby octopus and fried tofu

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