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04 September 2009

Golden prawn-ing and Facial !!

Last night, I webcam-ed wif my baby gucci and bf =) miss Gucci !! aw he's just so cute...I meant gucci =P ok also cute =P ehem *do u need plastic bag? hehe...We webcam-ed because my dad and mum wanted to see *him..both bf and Gucci hauhaua...

When I came back fr sgp I was thinking what to bring back to btm..and now, I have to think again what to bring back to sgp lol..Here are some stuff that I've listed and I have got some of them...

So I woke up about 12 this morning...ehrm..afternoon I meant =P went out at 01.30 pm to meet Jcq, Cynn, Reni, Hendra, Henny and Evelyn..We went to have lunch at Bengkong, Golden Prawn 555...

Big sharkkk

Hm...choosing for the freshest seafood...




Lobstering haha

KangKong, Curry beehoon crab, Black pepper crab

Mee Goreng, Nestum prawn, Sotong

I looks stupid lol


finish !

It cost about $ 80 for 7 people !!

We ordered...
*Blackpepper Crab
*Curry BeeHoon Crab
*Mee goreng
*Nestu prawn? haha
*Yu cah kue
*Buttered Squid
*Juices, coconut, coke
etc etc...

After Lunch, We went to Batam Center Mall (BCS) and these are my finds today...

a blink black ribbon earing (70.000)
a blink Super man T-shirt (149000)

Then I went to Dr.DA clinic for facial treatment and eyes treatment...Hm..It has been too long Ive never been for facial...It was painful ! huhu but its okay I am satisfied with the result =) I bought the mask, facial foam, etc etc...

Haha overall, I feel so good with so much money in my wallet !! ^^v

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