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25 September 2009

Funny Office and Shopping part III

Wahahahaha!! A lot of funny things happened today omg ! as what I mentioned before, I was sitting in an 'Intern office' with 4 other colleagues...all of us were attached to different departments such as sales, marketing and CVP (cruise vacation planner) . we all have different jotask.except me..My job scope was like a lil bit of everything today CVP were tasked to call out to guests...and..I kept laughing coz...

1. One of my colleagues who sat just beside me accidentally says " Your husband and I " I was shocked.. looked at her for few second and laugh hahahaha !! actually she wanted to say "your husband and you might want to bring some formal wear on board..."

2. My colleague still count 1..2..3.. when he transfer call HAHAHAA !!

3. On the noon where all of us just finished our lunch..nothing to do? guess what? we cut unused paper "happily"..all of us was like hungry for unused paper.."this is my paper..don't snatch ! " ckck..

4. Finished cutting still nothing to do? M & J fold paper into an airplane and let's see whose go into the bin... Zzz....ckckck..

5. R was busy with his work..but his kepo mood were always free..when Jsays my sis was not bad..he says he wanted to I showed him and he uneccesarily comment on it *I was offended so I teased him back...

6. His name is *Reuben which I said it's difficult to pronounce it was like "rubber" hahaha..*spontaneously come out from my mouth I swear*

7. Mag adds on..she said one of the colleagues can't pronounce his name and pronounced it as "ribbon" HAHAHA this was extremely funny lor ckck..

**hey R if you are reading this..sorry lo...I really need to share this..damn funny =P no offence ok..and yah *please (with my pose) think before you say ! I was really offended huh..anywae *peace..

hohoho...ok back to the point.. work..!! ohya OMG! I was late again this morning..another $10 taxi fare huhuhu..I swear I will wake up earlier tommorow !! huh ! btw..again..I didn't go home directly after work today..haha AGAIN !? ckck..when I was on the mrt w/ QL..I was thinking to GO BACK !! *im not kidding I should go to dhobyghaut- farrer park..but without realising..I was in the wrong MRT !! I was forced to go to Bugis shopping lo ckck..fortunately not many things to buy...ONLY earing hehe..and QQ for dinner thats it ! btw today joe da bao for all of us...*bak chor mee..not bad =)

nice earing 3 for $5

overall w/ fish ball and sotong

sambal fried rice

too oily huh..

time to sleep huammm 2.43am alrdy huhuhu...

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