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17 September 2009

The Fullerton Dinner

wheee....100% tired I just came back from a dinner at fullerton hotel ..I ate a lot...and I am sleepy now..hauhuaa...I had a celebration dinner with all the colleagues of my internship company. The dinner was meant to thanks the team as they achieved the sales target which we, interns, don't think we deserved that as we did not contribute..but yes we were invited and we really enjoyed it. We had a lot of laughter just now..and I thought everyone was having fun. These are some pictures of the foods and the desserts..they were seriously awesome ! but as I was quite full, I didn't manage to finish it all..whauhua the dessert was too chocolatie at the end..

My appetizer..Mango salad, prawn salad and sushi.
Main will be fried rice, curry, soy chicken, etc

Second round tempura , ebi fried , etc

Yakitori (together portion haha not only me okay..)

Dessert banana chocolate cake, French Pastries

Cranberry Cognac Chestnut Chocolate and Lychee tiramisu

Coconut sagu pearl, Chocolate mousse

Bread pudding w/ vanilla sauce

BTW. the day before today I was having a TEST and there were 2 tests which were the booking system and enquires & booking through phone ... For the booking system test I'll say that I were doing quite fine.. But for the phone enquires test, I was totally freak out LOL I can't answer most of the questions asked. I was seriously freezed at that time as the questions asked were out of my expecation. It's about cancellation policy and amendation. I really need to practise more on policy ! huh In addition, I'll be participating on the travel fiesta held by the Mediacorp this saturday and maybe sunday as well. I am looking forward to it. As It would be a good chance for me to learn and experience new things. nites

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